The agile idea inspires us and accompanies our actions.
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We take an agile approach to agility.

Tagueri Agile is our competence center. Here we bundle knowledge and experience on the complex “Agile” in a dedicated expert team of passionate Agilists. These experts form our “R&D” and develop customer-specific products, transfer new knowledge into practice and test everything on their bodies.

Agile at Tagueri


At its core, agility is characterized by understanding the dynamic and complex environment as an opportunity and deriving a competitive advantage from it.

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We are inspired by the agile philosophy and stand for the establishment of agility in business practice. We offer a comprehensive range of services in consulting, coaching, training, workshops, and operational implementation. How can we accompany you on your journey?

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We create excellent learning experiences and sustainable experiences for direct application in the respective work context.

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