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Agile is a journey worth taking.

As a consulting company, we are also confronted with the challenges of this complex world. That is why the agile idea is also the central element for our business development. From this experience, we can say that the path to agility is an entrepreneurial journey that requires courage and a willingness to learn. But we are also the best proof that this journey is worthwhile. The agile mindset brings tremendous benefits.

How we work

Agil with Tagueri

There are numerous agile frameworks to start your journey. However, for us, every journey is an individual endeavor that begins in mind. That’s why, in the first step, we put a lot of emphasis on understanding your motivation for agile. On this basis, we develop an agile vision together. For this target picture, we define an initial concept with which we start the implementation. Getting into action early on is crucial. Only with action does thinking change, as practical experiences demonstrate the added value of agile working methods. In addition, we receive direct feedback on the quality of the concept and tap optimization potential. That means that we also approach implementation with you iteratively and incrementally. After all, it would be paradoxical to roll out agility in the classical way.

Our Services

Consulting & Coaching

We are your practice-oriented consultant and coach if you …

  • Want to initiate the agile transformation of your organization.
  • Are you looking for the proper framework for your project
  • To lead your team according to agile values and principles.

As part of the consulting process, we bring our many years of experience to define an agile vision with you. This vision is the basis for developing solution approaches for your situation.


We are your qualified trainer if you …

  • Want to prepare your organization for cultural change.
  • Want to train your teams for an agile framework.
  • Want to empower your employees for agile roles.

In our interactive training, we put a lot of emphasis on background knowledge and the agile mindset. In addition to proven methods, we especially share our experiences to show the practical transfer.


We are your effective facilitator when you …

  • Want to develop an agile vision for your organization.
  • Want to set up your project in an agile way.
  • Want to reflect on your agility and identify potentials.

We design your workshop based on a clear objective that we define together with you. In our workshops, we use smooth, proven methods to achieve valuable results. The agile mindset is our constant companion to ensure a collaborative atmosphere.


We are your pragmatic partner if you want to …

  • Want to develop your organization into an agile organism.
  • Want to establish an agile framework in your project.
  • Want catalysts in your teams who exemplify the agile mindset.

We offer a wide range of services when implementing agile. We can be part of your transition team to develop the agile organization strategically and operationally. We can bring agile project management to life with experienced Scrum Masters. We can train and coach your staff for agile roles on the job. Either way, you can look forward to a true partner who not only advises you but proactively implements operational solutions.

Our services include:

  • Agile Awareness
  • Agile Organization
  • Retrospectives
  • Transition Team
  • Agile Contracts
  • JIRA
  • Scrum
  • Design Thinking
  • Kanban
  • Product Owner
  • Scrum Master
  • Confluence
  • Development Team
  • Product Backlog Set Up
  • SAFe
  • LeSS
  • Nexus

Do you need advice on agile organizational development, an interim Scrum Master, or training on agile methods for your team?

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