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Digital Security

In the course of the digital transformation, new requirements are constantly arising for the industry. The need for increased digital security for products and company organizations has grown with new standards, regulations, and laws. With increasingly complex structures in these areas and the increasing networking of the company’s infrastructure, new challenges are constantly emerging.


Establishing a structure in this mass of new requirements and technological challenges usually is a Herculean task.

Accidentally, unintentionally, or intentionally -employees handle access to data carelessly and thus create a vulnerability that cannot be ignored. Increased remote working outside of an IT environment has been reinforcing the threats lately. It has become important to analyze your systems and organizational structures to ensure the protection of your enterprise processes and production through the latest technology and relevant safety requirements combined with training your employees for awareness -which directly influences your business!


Cyber Security

For successful Cybersecurity in your system landscape, the introduction and operation of various management systems are essential due to relevant standards and laws. Cybersecurity includes aspects of the company organization as well as product-related aspects. The protection of your products plays a decisive role, especially in the context of protecting your customers.

What we Offer

We’ve developed a tailor-cut, module-based concept to address the core challenges of Cybersecurity and Software Updates in your company.

Our claim goes beyond the recording, interpretation, and a precisely tailored technical assessment of new requirements. We use a holistic approach, which means we manage your entire project from conception to implementation. Thanks to many years of operational experience and a high level of coverage in introducing and supporting various management systems in diverse industries, we are always comprehensively informed about current changes to standards and laws.

Based on IT security and IT essential protection requirements according to ISO 27000 norm family and BSI 200, we offer change management for all requirements from TISAX to UNECE R155/R156.

Experience with the process-related needs of analysis, implementation, and support of protective mechanisms in various products.

Know-how in the necessity assessment, GAP analysis, and implementation of the various management systems.

We guarantee your company a secure start into the digital future. Reach us now!


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