Value-based organizational development enables potential development and digital transformation.





New Work

New WOrk

Developing Potential Through Value-Based Organizational Development

New Work as a working culture puts people in the center and enables a symbiosis between life and work. We help to establish New Work as part of a successful business model in an organization. We create awareness for meaningful work and a positive work environment as the key to long-term success. We focus on the organization’s needs and its members – no matter which professional group they belong to. The analysis and conscious design of the work environment form the basis for identification with one’s product so that everyone feels good, achieves optimal results, and develops their maximum potential. Each individual thus drives the company’s purpose and enables innovation within the company.

New Work


Value-driven work culture is the foundation for organizations to unlock their potential. We help you analyze your current state in terms of leadership and self-organization, make your company’s values explicit, and identify new possibilities. Targeted support in the awareness of tools and methods is part of our expertise and the identification of opportunities to develop your employees.

We advise you with a view to:

  • The analysis and evaluation of your current state of organization and attractiveness as an employer
  • The identification of the organizational form and an individual working time model that suits you best
  • Concepts for roles and responsibilities, as well as initiation and expansion of self-organization and leadership
  • The practical methodology for decision making and feedback methods
  • Tools and methods in New Work (e.g., Jira, Confluence, Slack, etc.)
  • Support in recognizing your potential concerning networks and communities
  • Analysis and healthy and practical design of the workplace situation
  • Further training opportunities for the maximum potential development of your employees
  • The choice of corporate benefits such as compensation models, sports and health promotion

New Work


Our New Work experts support you in your transformation to the new world of work. Together we design your working environment for the work of tomorrow. In doing so, we choose a participative and co-creative approach. In this way, we realize customized solutions for you, developed individually according to your needs. Only in this way can we be sure to meet your organization’s needs and unfold and exploit the full potential of New Work.

We help you with the implementation by:

  • The conception and implementation of measures to increase your attractiveness as an employer to reduce recruiting and fluctuation costs
  • The implementation of new organizational forms and the establishment of flexible working time models
  • Empowering and motivating employees and managers to take on new roles and responsibilities as well as to organize and lead themselves
  • Methodical support for innovations in your organization
  • The successful introduction and use of suitable tools and methods for digital collaboration
  • Identifying, building, and fostering networks and communities for more vital cross-functional collaboration and communication
  • The establishment and development of concepts for the modern workplace and room design throughout the organization
  • The planning and realization of further training measures for a future-oriented know-how foundation of all colleagues

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