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Requirements Management



Requirements Management

Focused on the Big Picture.

In a product development process, it usually does not stop at one requirement. Despite a large number of requirements, the holistic view of the product must not be lost. In requirements engineering, interfaces, methods, and processes must be considered and planned. In addition, communication with all stakeholders must be guaranteed.

Requirements Management

Increases the Quality of Your Products and Processes

Isn't it amazing how much technology we ...

…already use as a matter of course in our everyday lives? Our world is more global than ever, and digitization connects us with other people, machines, and places within seconds. We are in constant exchange with our environment, and we make demands on this exchange.

The technological change and digitalization in...

…all industries are playing an increasingly important role. Challenges are increasing sales figures, product complexity, and customer expectations in combination with higher requirements due to laws and standards. If you want to manage this safely, you have to establish and formulate consistent and inconsistent requirements.

With a requirements management system designed for you and your...

…customized requirements management keeps your product on the pulse of time. This allows you to maintain an overview of technical product development and react quickly to market changes or new customer needs.

Requirements Management

What is the Added Value of Requirements Management?

Minimizing Errors During Development

Before the project starts, the goal is defined, the stakeholders are analyzed, and the requirements are determined. In this way, sources of error are identified at an early stage, can be minimized, and production steps can be carried out later as planned.

Reduce Costs

With the introduction of requirements management, costs are saved in the course of the project since considerably fewer cost-intensive bug fixes are necessary for the design and test phase.

Fewer Complaints and Rework

Requirements are correctly determined and formulated understandably. As a result, the user’s wishes are fulfilled during development, and a lower complaint rate can be expected.

Lower Change Costs

Requirements must not only be correctly identified but also managed in a structured manner. This makes them easily accessible to employees and allows them to respond to changes in the market with less work capacity.

Requirements Engineering

Simplifies the Control of Your Complex Projects

The more complex a project is, the...

…faster the overview can be lost. Where do you start, and where do you stop? What if an essential piece of the puzzle is overlooked?

Reasonable requirements management structures...

…each project into individual, manageable sections. Puzzle piece by puzzle piece, the picture comes together. It simplifies control over complex projects, increases the quality of your products as well as your processes, and it improves cost-efficiency. This ensures transparency, traceability, and consistency.

How does it work?

Im Anforderungsmanagement werden die gewünschten Eigenschaften und Einschränkungen eines Systems genau untersucht. Anforderungen werden ermittelt, dokumentiert, geprüft, abgestimmt und verwaltet.

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