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Strategy and Business Models

Strategy and business Models

Looking ahead.

The environment for industry and SMEs is currently undergoing enormous dynamics of change. Megatrends such as digitization, the energy transition, and the mobility transition are fundamentally changing industries and customer needs—the result: increased competitive pressure. Dealing with the associated challenges is all the more important to adapt to changing market situations. Whether it’s innovative strength, competitiveness, speed of action, customer centricity, or increased efficiency – we have been successfully advising our clients for years on the realignment of organizations and individual business units.

Strategy and business Models


A corporate strategy or a business model should always be based on valid data and well-researched facts. Together with our clients, we check the plausibility of requirements, internal and external framework conditions, and best practices from various industries


  • Situation analysis, goals, vision, and mission of the company or individual business units
  • Consideration of the customer, industry, and stakeholder perspective
  • Synchronization of Internal and external conditions
  • Analysis of strengths, weaknesses, risks, and potentials
  • Business Model Canvas, trend analysis, benchmarking, best practices, and market analysis

Strateg and business Models


Concepts, strategies, and models must also work in reality in our clients’ organizations. We, therefore, always think outside the box and work with our clients to develop pragmatic solutions that we can implement in the long term.


  • Development of Sustainable Scenarios, Strategies, and Roadmaps
  • Transformation, Innovation, and Change Concepts
  • Practical Test and Pilot Concepts
  • Business Model Generation
  • Risk Management and Contingency Plans
  • Development of KPIs and Control Instruments

Strategy and business Models


It is a well-known fact that paper is patient. Therefore, our claim is not just to hand over a ready-to-use concept to our clients and leave the implementation to them. At Tagueri, we are there to support our customers in an advisory and implementation capacity right up to the point of sustainable anchoring.


  • Technical and methodical support of management and customer teams
  • Practical implementation and support in achieving goals
  • Training, coaching, and empowerment of key players in the customer organization
  • Iterative and agile further development of strategies and business models

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