Development Team Training

1 day

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Development Team Training

In this training, we provide future members of development teams with comprehensive methodological competence for the tasks and responsibilities in agile product development in a Scrum development team. Participants learn about agile, the Scrum framework and the associated values, roles and meetings. Focusing on the Development Team role, we show participants how to work in a self-organized manner within iterative and incremental product development and take ownership of their work. In addition, we focus here on the evaluation of user stories and their estimation. In exercises and group work, we deepen the knowledge gained from the theoretical part and enable the participants to transfer the previously learned knowledge into practice.

In Brief:

  • Learn methodological knowledge for the responsibilities and tasks of the development team in the Scrum framework

  • Develop awareness for Scrum values and the agile mindset

  • Acquire knowledge for the evaluation of quality criteria for user stories and their effort estimation

Target group:

  • Future Development Team members

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