Leading SAFe© Training

2 Day

Classic Training





Leading SAFe© Training

During the two-day SAFe© training, participants learn to use the principles of Lean Thinking, Systems Thinking and Product Development Flow to lead an agile enterprise transformation. Participants will learn to understand the five core competencies of the Lean Enterprise, gain insight into the values and principles of a Lean-Agile mindset, and the SAFe© Implementation Roadmap. Participants will also be shown how to build and establish a DevOps culture and prioritize features using the WSJF (Weighted Shortest Job First) methodology. Afterward, the participants can apply what they have learned through simulated PI Planning (Program Increment Planning) and gain experience.

In Brief:

  • Successfully use and adapt the SAFe© framework.
  • Perform and experience PI Planning to illustrate how to communicate a product vision
  • Learn the skills necessary for agile transformations

Target Group:

  • Agile Change Manager
  • Executives
  • Scrum Master
  • All stakeholders implementing the SAFe framework

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