SCRUM Master Training

2 days + practice phase

Classic Training





SCRUM Master Training

During the Scrum Master training, the participants receive a practical reference into the world of the Scrum Master with the goal of learning and using its core competencies. The main focus of the first training day is on the basic principles, contents and the tasks as a Scrum Master. Due to the practical relevance, the participants get a theoretically deep understanding of Scrum principles, values, roles, and artifacts. They can successfully manage themselves and directly apply during the training. In the second part of the training, the participants will learn how crucial their attitude is for their success/failure. With the help of valuable tips and tricks and more little mind games, the participants reflect on what they have experienced and develop a guide for consciously dealing with the agile mindset and changes in general.

In Brief:

  • Interactive & hands-on learning of the different roles within the Scrum framework

  • Learn the core competencies of a Scrum Master through role-plays and use them in a goal-oriented manner

Target group:

  • New and future Scrum Masters

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