Workshop Retrospectives

1 day (depending on the project)






Workshop Retrospectives

The retrospective is an integral part of every agile way of working. Looking back improves the view of today and tomorrow. True to the motto “Future needs origins”, participants learn methods in this training to review the development process as well as the (agile) collaboration within the past (project) phase. Depending on the (project) requirement and (project) situation, the duration of the preparation and execution of retrospectives can differ. With the help of valuable tips and tricks from practice, the participants reflect on what they have experienced and develop their style to successfully and sustainably moderate and conduct a retrospective themselves in the future.

In Brief:

  • You will learn how to prepare a retrospective

  • You will be given the tools to moderate effective retrospectives

  • You will learn different retrospective formats that you can apply immediately

Target group:

  • Development Team
  • Project participants in agile projects

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