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With a team of over 500 employees and a unique combination of consulting and implementation, we offer top-level expertise in our focus areas and competence centers. We help shape a wide range of projects and processes for our customers and are a sought-after partner – especially for new and innovative topics. This development is primarily driven by employees who develop and pursue their ideas with curiosity, openness, genuine entrepreneurial spirit, commitment, and sometimes a good dose of tenacity. This is how we all move Tagueri forward a bit every day. Following this principle, we continue to grow together and are well-positioned for future challenges.






Employee Insights

Mirjam Nicklaus

Mirjam Nicklaus

Senior Consultant

“I lay the foundation for success by giving my all in my daily business and always trying to inspire our customers anew. I don’t measure whether my work is really successful (only) by sales figures, but by good long-term relationships with customers and colleagues, real sustainable added value for our customers, the good atmosphere in the team and the fun we all have at work. I can be successful at Tagueri because we are team players, not lone wolves: We win together, share successes and also bear setbacks together.”

“For me, trust is the basis. As a career changer, Tagueri gave me the chance to prove myself right from the start. Everything fit on a personal level and I was shown trust and appreciation. That’s how I was able to make my professional way: from project employee to project manager and current team leader. Without trust, none of this would have been possible. When trust is there, you can confide, speak your mind, take advantage of opportunities and step out of your own comfort zone. This is how space is created at Tagueri for personal development. At the same time, my trust in the Tagueri network is also important here: if I need help, I know where to find it.”

Michael Boortz

Michael Boortz

Lead Consultant

Clarissa Betti

Clarissa Betti


“During the week, I’m on the site of my client a lot. But every time I arrive at the Tagueri office, I feel at home. At Tagueri, we are there for each other and look out for each other. My colleagues ask me “How are you?” and that question is sincere. I experience it the same way in reverse. Outside of working hours, I enjoy meeting with my colleagues on a regular basis. And Tagueri supports that, too: from team events and a beer at the end of the day to company events. What can I say about that? I always look forward to the next event.”

“At Tagueri, I started in an ERP transformation project for a large company. This project required a wide range of expertise around requirements management, test management, risk and process management. In
addition to our CoCs (Center of Competences), many company departments were involved in the project, from junior consultants to management.
Due to the strong networking and support within Tagueri, we were able to provide expert knowledge on every topic for our customer.
Personally, I find it very valuable to maintain
contact with Tagueri
teams and locations. For example, if I’m working on a new topic or want to develop further in certain areas, I can easily call a colleague and ask “What do you think as an expert?”

Faruk Yavsan

Faruk Yavsan



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