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Throughout the growth of a company, its IT-infrastructure needs to grow just as fast. In many cases, systems are constantly added to the infrastructure to get quick and easy solutions when required, ignoring incompatibilities, system breaks, and increasing complexity. In the beginning, there doesn’t seem to be any indicators for a faulty structure. But with continuous growth, these faults reveal themselves, especially when it comes to cross-system data analysis and reporting.


The following scenarios could determine why your database extracts the wrong information:

  • While growing, the fastest way for a BI solution was an excel sheet. This doesn´t only hold a high manual workload but also a higher risk of mistakes. It could explain why nowadays, you receive wrong results and inevitably make bad decisions.>
  • While growing, your data was spread over various systems, making it difficult to run analysis on said data. Only a limited analysis with incomplete information can be done within the systems. >
  • Reports on historical data are used for futuristic decisions. Modern Predictive Analysis procedures are often not in use and can’t be combined with the current infrastructure to avoid mistakes within the decision-making process.



Companies often have the right data, however, the current BI/BO Tools and methods can´t provide the right knowledge. The problem with traditional reporting methods isn´t only the manual workload, but they also lack data transparency needed to make target-oriented decisions.

What we Offer

Tagueri Digital offers business-consulting on the entire spectrum of BI and BO.

Combined with our strong network of partners, we count more than 140 professionals specialized in Big Data technologies, Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Visualization. Even if you don’t know how to start your BI journey, we do. We provide a full service from building the right infrastructure, over-processing data, and finding the right business objectives. Some of our key services are:

Elicitation and management of your stakeholders BI/BO requirements.

Technical elaboration of the underlying infrastructure.

Exploration and definition of a fitting infrastructure.

Supporting your goal-oriented decision making by individual and correct data visualization.

Evaluation and selection of the most suitable BI Tool(s) matching your BO’s data architecture

Roll-out and customizing the solution of your choice.

Finding and processing of the relevant data in your systems.

We offer individualized service and want to help you get ready for the new digital age. Start your journey with us now!


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