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Tagueri AG

Strategic. Pragmatic. Solution-oriented.

At Tagueri, we see ourselves as bridge-builders between corporate strategy and the industrial realization of products and services. With our practice-oriented consulting methods, profound technology expertise, and cross-industry projects, we see your challenges as a joint opportunity to design sustainable solutions.

Our Consulting Services

Strategy - Organization - Control

  • We bring knowledge and experience to advise you effectively
  • Together we analyze your challenges.
  • You know your business - we ask the right questions.
  • We select the proper methods and tools and propose an approach that fits your strategy and corporate culture.

We are practitioners. Already in the concept phase, our focus is on solutions that work effectively and sustainably in practice.

Our Approach

With our consulting services around strategy, methodology, knowledge transfer, and technology, we at Tagueri AG, help our clients stay competitive and sustainable. Many good ideas fail during the implementation process. With our proven process model, we ensure that sustainable and effective added value is created:

Concept  –  Implementation  –  Establishment



We value innovative and practice-oriented approaches instead of consulting theory that ends up in a drawer. Implementability is our priority.



Only “standard” is not enough. Based on our cross-industry experience, we jointly develop an approach that fits your project and your company. In focus: Practical feasibility.



Success is achieved when results are used and knowledge is further developed. With knowledge transfer and documentation, we ensure sustainably functioning developments.

Our Expertise at a Glance

We offer our clients a mix of methodological and technical expertise. Our experience and know-how cover all topics and challenges. With this unique perspective, we help you rediscover your organization and identify incredible opportunities. Together we find solutions that make you strong in the present for the future.


Innovation & Technology

Process Consulting

Project Consulting & Implementation

Our Value Proposition

Providing good consulting services, delivering the proper process solutions, or setting up the digital transformation in an agile way – our services are manifold. But more importantly, our work is based on values. Partnership and genuine added value for our customers are our top priority and an essential part of our corporate philosophy. This is what we stand for.

We consistently deliver solutions that truly fit our customers’ strategy and culture. If there is no solution yet, we develop it together. Our job is done when the added value is tangible for our customers.

We do not dazzle with technical jargon, “TOP” methods, and certificates. Behind each of our consultants is a broad network of experts who draw their expertise from many years of practical experience, know the current state of the art, and help develop current trends. This wealth of knowledge is available to all our customers for their projects.


We share our knowledge and hand over results so that they work effectively and our customers can make full use of them, build on them and develop them themselves. We are also there for our customers after project completion if questions arise or help is needed.


Strategy, products, processes, organization – our customers invest to position themselves successfully for the future. In each of our projects, we focus on this and look every day for large and small potentials to make our customers’ business even more successful.


Working with Tagueri is uncomplicated and fun. We work hand in hand with our customers, exchange knowledge and ideas, support and flexibly adapt to new situations and challenges. Our customers know we are reliably at their side and can focus on their goals.

* Dirk Weinelt (left) for the Executive Board and Hendrik Wenner (right) for Management

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