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The growth of technological advancement over the past few years has been immeasurable and continues to exceed expectations. This technological progress is a breeding ground for innovative approaches, business models, products, and processes, and with this accelerating a change in customers’ and employees’ needs and behavior. With these developments, the importance of adapting and reacting to changes quickly and creating innovative approaches has become even more evident and is essential in the environment of your business to be taken as a serious employer and competitor. Missing basic evolutions and disruptive innovations can be crucial to a company.


The bigger is a company and the longer it’s been around, the harder it is to get processes to change and disrupt patterns that have been in use for years.

Speaking of these patterns, many companies still refuse to accept the change. Especially in Germany and throughout Europe, sticking to “what has always worked” seems to be part of many established companies’ culture. Therefore, innovation is actively being suppressed.


Innovation means accepting the fact that employees’ approaches to new ideas might fail

In traditional structures, employees still find themselves being punished for failure and failing at a big innovative project. This is still seen as a negative cut in people’s careers. If success is the only career driver, then taking responsibility for pushing innovative but risky ideas and approaches might not be an exciting option. When skepticism becomes more significant than the will to take risks, there is no ground left for ideas and innovation.

What we Offer

Tagueri Digital can help you create an innovative culture within your company.

The main dimensions we focus on are the ability, will, and possibility to achieve innovation and innovative thinking throughout all levels. To get an idea of what a process like this could include, here are some insights into what we do:

We help you break through old, stiff patterns that prohibit innovation.

We offer innovation leadership training and coaching.

We offer Innovation-Workshops from management to methods.

We include stakeholders in the process and have them participate.

We reorganize structures with your vision in mind.

We offer special training for shareholders.

Are you keen on making a difference in your company? Take part in the new, digital day in age and write us now!


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