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Over the last decade, online-based systems and services became a part of our life. Daily, we are confronted with the cloud, whether it´s for private matters or our business. We can use cloud services from simple storage add-ons over safe data backups to anything that involves computing, a keyword being Software as a Service (SaaS). Cloud technology is already widely used to move large parts of a software’s logic and computing power to the server-side, utilizing end-user devices such as mobile phones or PCs for little more than collecting input and displaying output.


In many cases, our customers face one or multiple of the following problems:

  • They need a large and steadily increasing amount of data stored safely.
  • They want to try new software products without investing in large-scale infrastructure and license deals.
  • They need to run highly demanding software, such as machine learning algorithms but lack the local processing power.


Cloud-based systems can be the answer to all of these problems.

Simple cloud storage spaces allow for a safe place for business data that is also highly flexible, as storage spaces can be widened and reduced as needed. This can reduce costs while providing a level of quality in security, performance, and availability far beyond what can be achieved by regular in-house solutions. Software as a service can be used to try new software products easily with instant deployment while only paying for the number of users needed for testing. Finally, cloud computing makes it much easier to run large-scale calculations and create clusters, where local servers were the limiting factor in the past.

What we Offer

With our network of highly skilled partners, Tagueri Digital will help you during the whole transformation process:

We guide you during the initialization of a transformation project for your local infrastructure.

Together with your business experts, we analyze and identify your needs and requirements.

We evaluate possible solutions and services to choose the individual target solution that fits best.

We are your partner during implementation until the deployment of your cloud solution, and beyond.

We explore and design potential solutions to show your opportunities.

We guide you in managing the project and the technical point of view.

Let us talk about potential benefits of cloud architecture in your setting now.


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