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Digital Transformation

In our day-to-day business, we come across problematic situations regarding digitization fairly often. Due to rapid growth over the years, processes and IT infrastructures suffer from poor connection via non-transparent interfaces, including undocumented software tools or Microsoft Office solutions to handle specific use cases.


Where systems and processes are incompatible, manual or inadequately automated workarounds are often in place. These circumstances lead to several problems for business operations, such as:

  • rising delivery times for your (external or internal) customers and decreasing customer satisfaction due to longer processing periods.
  • higher expenses for rework and quality assurance measures due to decreasing process and service quality.
  • losing both paces in decision making and possibilities to gather deeper insights due to insufficient data quality.
  • slow introduction of needed changes, innovations, and higher costs in system maintenance due to highly complex dependencies in IT systems and processes.


With Tagueri’s network of experts, we can help you to transform and digitize your operations.

As full service digital transformation partner, our experts will support the whole transition from the initial problem analysis and requirement elicitation to the operation of the rolled-out solution.

What we Offer

Tagueri as the solution

The problems we listed above come across to many of our customers and also to the most established players in your market. Here is an overview of our end-to-end consulting services in this area:

We analyze your operations, processes, and IT infrastructure and detect the most crucial gaps, bottlenecks, and impediments to tackle them first.

We make your stakeholders and customers happy by keeping them informed and involved, and with this, manage the successful change and development in your company.

We explore and evaluate possible solutions and innovations in close cooperation with all business and IT stakeholders. For instance:

  • We seek to automate manual process steps, e.g., adopting Robotic Process Automation for your specific use case.
  • We seek to streamline your processes by adopting the newest digital technologies.
  • We seek to introduce the newest, user-friendly, and highly performant software solutions based on the latest IT architecture.

We train your stakeholders in the best utilization of the solution.

We secure a smooth rollout and transition.

Sounds familiar? Let us transform your enterprise von A to Z.


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Digitize and Transform Your Operations


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