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Requirements Management

Requirements Management with Tagueri

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In times of digital transformation, we at Tagueri provide requirements management support to steer product development, make complexity manageable and meet customer needs. The stringent use of requirements management is a key prerequisite for success, especially in development projects. By ensuring a common understanding of requirements, we successfully realize complex projects with solid time and cost pressures.

Requirements Management


Requirements management is a method used to increase efficiency and effectiveness in product development through the consistent and consistent elicitation, formulation, and engineering of requirements.

“Today, a development project is rarely static. It must be possible to react dynamically to every project situation without losing the overview. For this, our trained eyes and minds are the best contacts.”

Carola Hoppe | Head of CoC Requirements Engineering)

Requirements Management


All projects are under substantial time and cost pressure. We find the right solution for every project with our expertise in methods and processes, consulting, training and workshops, and expert knowledge of requirements management tools.

“Numerous projects fail due to inadequate requirements engineering. Products and projects show increasing complexity degrees, so holistic requirements engineering becomes more and more important. Let’s overcome this challenge together.”

Abdullah Ahad | Manager

Requirements Management

Trainings & Workshops

Identifying, formulating, managing, and agreeing on requirements is the focus of the requirements engineering workshop. This is adapted to the needs and challenges of the customers in further intensive training.

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