Design Thinking Training

0,5 to 1 day

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Design Thinking Training

During the Design Thinking training, the participants go through all phases of this iterative creation process with the goal of answering a concrete design challenge. In doing so, the application of the Design Thinking method is in the foreground for us. The first step within the problem space is to understand the needs and goals of the customer. Based on the results, the participants within the solution space develop concrete ideas in multidisciplinary teams and implement them in prototypes. Subsequently, the developed solutions are tested, and feedback is gathered. Each team then decides which phase of design thinking needs to be repeated to develop the best possible solution for the user.

In Brief:

  • Experience and apply the design thinking process

  • Quickly develop creative and customer-focused solutions

  • Testing of developed solutions and adapt them based on feedback from the user

Target group:

  • Scrum Master
  • Agile Coach
  • Workshop Management

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